Thinkific Reviews Trustpilot Avoid | Is Thinkific better than teachable?

Thinkific Reviews Trustpilot Avoid Here In 2021 Is Thinkific better than teachable?

in this post we will talk about Thinkific review, Thinkific is basically a simplified online course hosting site that enables one to create and sell their courses online. Keeping the basic info clear and concise, let’s head on to the main question that pops up in everyone’s mind —

“WHAT Thinkific?”

To start with, we did some research on “Thinkific” as a keyword. It has high search volumes with major inquiries for pricing, login process, and competition analysis.

For Thinkific, the paid difficulty is easy and the cost per click is low, i.e. only about $1.67. It probably means that if Thinkific invests more in getting advertised on Google, they can perform much better at considerably lower costs.

As a website, Thinkific gets amazing organic monthly traffic. It has a great number of organic keywords for which it ranks high and has numerous backlinks.

Moreover, its Domain Authority score that depicts overall ranking strength on search engines is more than average. Summing things up, Thinkific gets an edge not only as a brand but also as a keyword.




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